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    As a retired JAG, I proudly assist military members and military family members (including children of military families) with family law cases in El Paso County, Colorado, including divorce, child custody including decision making and parenting time, spousal support (alimony), child support, relocation of children and stepparent adoptions.

    I have client's around the world, and we are very comfortable working with deployed military members, and military families stationed outside the US.  We can normally handle these cases without the military member or family member even having to personally appear in court.

    We also assist military families with registering decrees and court orders from other jurisdictions in El Paso County, Colorado if the member or family member now reside in this County.  Often, once registered, we can modify the out-of-state orders to fit the needs of the member or family member, or most importantly their children.

    As a retired military member, I am very familiar with military retired pay and the rules regarding dividing that pay during a divorce.  I always advise both military members and their spouses to seek the assistance of an attorney with a great deal of knowledge in this area during a divorce.  The financial impact of getting this wrong can be huge, and in some cases cannot be fixed at a later date.  It's just too big of a deal to try to work yourself without a knowledgeable attorney.

    I also assist with jurisdictional issues when parents reside in different States.  These can be complex and confusing, and military members and their family members should always seek the assistance of an experienced attorney if this is an issue in their case.

    I am also able to assist military reservists, guardsmen, and reserve technicians and their spouses and children.  If you serve in one of these capacities, you probably realize your situations are often quite different from active duty members and family members, and you'll want an attorney with experience helping you.



    Chamberland Law Military Specials Offered

    I offer reduced retainers and lowered rates for military members and military family members including the children of military families.  As my wife and daughter are quick to remind me, THEY SERVED TOO, and family members should receive the same deal I offer the military member.  I agree, and treat family members as though they have served.

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