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    Fort Carson, CO Museums

    The Cheyenne Nuclear Bunker is another local Air Force related site. It is currently on standby, and is available for public tours.

    The Peterson Air and Space Museum is currently on limited access to civilians, but may be more available to military personnel. The museum features a medium sized collection of military aircraft and space-related artifacts.

    There is also a local tourist industry showing off the Gold Rush era: the Western Museum of Mining and Industry has a strong Gold Rush era slant, although that's not the entire focus.

    The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum focuses on a large number of artifacts of the Colorado pioneers and native people.

    The World Figure Skating Hall of Fame focuses on ice skating, a definite stop for any figure skating fan.

    The Colorado Springs Fine Art Center features collections of Native American, Latin American, and Hispanic American art, as well as a broad collection of other American art pieces.