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    Fort Carson, CO - Schools

    Fort Carson is within the Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 which includes four elementary schools and a middle school. There are no DoD schools in the area, and high school students who live on post will take the bus to nearby Fountain-Fort Carson High School. If students live off post, they will attend one of the many other school districts in the Colorado Springs area.

    Contact the Fort Carson School Liaison Officer at 719-526-0642, DSN 312-691-0642. Or, for on post schools, call the Fountain-Fort Carson D8 at 719-382-1300.

    Harrison School District 2 (719) 579-2000
    Widefied School District 3 (719) 391-3000
    Fountain Ft. Carson School District 8 (719) 382-1300
    Colorado Springs School District 11 (719) 520-2000
    Cheyenne Mountain School District 12 (719) 475-6100


    School Name School District Phone Number
    Abrams Elementary Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1490
    Aragon Elementary Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1340
    Eagleside Elementary Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1520
    Jordahl Elementary Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1400
    Mesa Elementary Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1370
    Mountainside Elementary Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1430
    Patriot Elementary Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1460
    Weikel Elementary Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 358-4320

    High School

    School Name School District Phone Number
    Fountain-Fort Carson High School Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1640

    Middle/Junior High

    School Name School District Phone Number
    Carson Middle/Junior High Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1610
    Fountain Middle/Junior High Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1580


    School Name School District Phone Number
    Welte Education Center Other Fountain-Fort Carson D8 (719) 382-1550
    Colorado Springs District 11 Other Colorado Springs D11 (719) 520-2000
    Harrison District 2 Other Harrison D2 (719) 579-2000
    Widefield District 3 Other Widefield D3 (719) 391-3000