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    Fort Carson, CO - Chaplain


    Fort Carson offers diversified worship services and
    religious activities including workshops, religious education for all ages and special ministries. The programs are designed to meet the special needs of the soldier and military family. They begin with the single soldier and touch every aspect of family life including single parents and waiting spouses.

    All Chaplain activities on post are coordinated through the Installation Chaplains Office, located at Bldg. 1550 on Prussman Boulevard. This includes the Command Chaplain and the Directorate of Religious Education. For more information, call 719-526-5279.


    There are several chapels on Fort Carson to serve your religious needs. For information on the chapels and type of services offered, call 719-526-3393. To obtain assistance from your Chaplain during duty hours, contact a unit Chaplain or call 719-526- 5910. After duty hours, call the Staff Duty Officer at 719-526-3400.