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    David Wright, A Plus Mortgage and Fay Romanik, Equity Colorado Real Estate Features:

    • Comprehensive VA loan services (NMLS 1622439)
    • Comprehensive real estate services
    • Lender credits available to cut closing costs
    • Two people who work for you like nothing you've ever seen
    2802 Janitell Road 2802 Janitell Road
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    David Wright (NMLS 1622439) at A Plus Mortgage is offering you:

    You want to buy a house and don’t want to waste any time in dialing “1-800-welcome to a black hole” where a person who doesn’t have your best interest in heart answers your call from a central processing center where hundreds of other people just like him work.

    You see, I come from an Army family and all I want to do is serve those who serve us. It's my personal honor to do so. A little background for you; my father served in the Army during the Korean War and was burried with honors. My son and his wife are both active duty Army satellite and space logistic soldiers. Am I humbled by their service and by yours to our country? You bet your assault weapon I am.

    So what does that mean to you?

    I'm glad you asked:

    * I will answer your call, I'm not kidding.... try me: 719-331-1495

    * I will truly listen and make your lending goals my goals

    * I will prequalify you within minutes and tell you exactly how much home you may purchase

    * We will inform you of all the unique Colorado State benefits available to you. Go here, (CO VA benefits) to get informed.

    * I will match your loan goals with the right VA certified lender at loan terms and close date you have chosen

    * You will choose which interest rate, lender closing cash credits and monthly payment you need to get the job done

    * We will not charge any origination fees unless you want us to

    THAT’S IT, no high cost gimmicks, false promises or high gloss fluff. If you want to talk with past military customers of mine to see if I am legitimate;  please let me give you some referrals to contact. In the mean time, feel free to read customer these testimonial reviews from our web site and on Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MortgageCOSprings/reviews/?ref=page_internal  To begin your NO OBLIGATIOIN Pre-qualification go here: https://DavidAPlusMortgage.zipforhome.com/


    Fay at Equity Colorado Real Estate is offering you:



    David Wright, A Plus Mortgage and Fay Romanik, Equity Colorado Real Estate Military Specials Offered

    Moving in the military can be very stressful. We are both here to make your move as painless as possible. 

     David offers your choice of one item below once you close on your new home:

    * Complimentary home warranty or complimentarty storage credits if needed (Call me for complete details)

    * Complimentary home cleaning service to help take some of the stress away.

    * Donation will be made on your behalf by me to the militarty charity of your choice. I love giving money to help our heros.

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