Golden Mountain Montessori School

    306 W Brookside Street - Colorado Springs, CO 80905

    Phone: 719-632-0875
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    Golden Mountain Montessori School Features:

    • Preschool for ages 3-6
    • Small House Setting
    • Individualized Academic Plan for each child
    • Half or Full Days 7:30 - 5:30
    306 W Brookside Street
    306 W Brookside Street
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    Golden Mountain Montessori School provides a highly personalized educational environment for children from 3 - 6 years old. The Montessori education curriculum that we follow is specially designed for educational achievement and to meet the developmental needs of the age range we serve.


    This preschool is held in a small boutique school-house that utilizes an entire 2-bedroom house, and backyard, as it’s classroom and playground, for 1 mixed age preschool and kindergarten.


    7 Reasons the Montessori Curriculum Works

    Mixed Age Classroom: Younger children naturally learn by emulating older children. When older children teach, they learn leadership skills and confidence. Environment emphasizes responsibility and self-discipline: Freedom to choose their path within the curriculum. Children are motivated and rewarded by their own success in learning. Independence: Children are self-directed. Organized Prepared Environment: The materials in each area are organized from easiest to hardest, they are color coordinated, and beautifully displayed. Teacher is a Guide: During the 3 - hour work cycle, we do not lecture at the front of class. Independent lessons and support are given, as children move through the curriculum. Parents are partners: Involved parents are a part of a community with the other parents. An atmosphere of mutual respect: Positive pro-social behavior skills are a part of our daily practical life lessons.

     Please call  719-632-0875 to schedule a tour with your child. Your child will receive a lesson with our materials and you'll see how our curriculum works!

    Golden Mountain Montessori School Military Specials Offered

    10% Military Discount - 10 % Off for the second child

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