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    Empowered Birth & Pregnancy LLC Features:

    • A Wealth of Experience: With over a decade of dedicated service as an Obstetrical Nurse in the Air Force, Marya developed a deep understanding of the intricate facets of childbirth. Her invaluable exp
    • Empowering Expecting Parents: Marya's mission is to empower expecting parents to reclaim their birthing experience. Her holistic approach provides the tools and knowledge necessary to make informed ch
    • Marya Molette Eddaifi's All-inclusive Birth Preparation and Coaching Services program is an innovative and transformative approach to childbirth. Her dedication to supporting expecting parents through
    • Military families always receive a military discount.
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    Marya Molette Eddaifi is a retired Air Force Obstetrical Nurse. She has taken her experience, knowledge and skills in birth, bodywork, energy healing practitioner, and mindset for birth coach and created a one-of-a-kind All-inclusive Birth Preparation and Coaching Services program. Her services include childbirth education, mindset for birth coaching and mentoring, Emotion Code energy healing sesssions, bodywork to prepare your body for pregnancy and birth, and mini-sessions for women who have questions about birth related issues. More detailed descriptions can be found on her website. 

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